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Maria Roth

"Having the right men or women at top-level positions is of paramount importance in times of change."

Brederode consultants

"Having the right men or women at top-level positions is of paramount importance in times of change."

Maria Roth

Brederode consultants

Executive search for business changers

As Executive Search experts we specialise in finding top-level candidates with change embedded in their DNA
- for organisations that feel the need to change.


You as a client

You understand that your business operations of today do not necessarily hold for tomorrow. Market changes occur so rapidly, that staying your course does not guarantee success. To make your organisation future proof you need 'fresh blood' at the helm, with the right personality traits and solid change experience. We will gladly find you exactly that 'Business Changer' to suit your needs perfectly.

You as a candidate 
As director or board member you boast a trackrecord in change management. Your CV may testify to this - but it should not necessarily do so, as we do not really adhere to labels. We rather value your underlying qualities and motivations and insist on examples and learnings from your practical experience. This allows us to make unorthodox matches between people, positions and organisations. 



"unexpected but fitting"

We go beyond the obvious and cross typical functional and sector barriers in our search for the perfect candidate.

The bulk of our clients therefore now enjoy the benefits of fresh insights from a-typical yet fitting candidates. 


"Small team gives its utmost"

As a small but driven team we remain in close personal contact to you - as we do not care for pillars-and-posts.

So we look beyond the paper reality and invest in learning about you and the organisation.



By years of experience we know how far we can take our unorthox approach. We may seem wild but remain responsible.

Because ultimately, all parties should profit from the perfect match.

business changers matched

Managing Director

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Managing Director Benelux 



We believe that matching organisations and top-level candidates can be done much more creatively and effectively.
So early 2010 we,  Maria Roth en Sham Baboeram, started out as Brederode Consultants.

Brederode team

With every client we go through an extensive intake to really get to know the organisation. We want to explore beyond mere position profiles. Where do you want to take your organisation, who do you need to get you there and in what team will he or she operate? So, we ask many, many questions to get 360-degree input for a clear candidate profile, outlining the deciding character traits and competences needed to bring about the desired organisational change.

We then proceed to find you the matching candidate. In our signature creative approach, we expand our search beyond the obvious, across sector borders and outside of your branche. All this to present you a shortlist of non-typical candidates whose personalities and capabilities offer fresh new impulses to your company.

Executive search can be done much more personally and creatively to bring about the perfect match. 

We believe this to be true. As do our clients.


In the 2021 edition of the MT/Sprout Top 1000 Service Providers, we achieved the 16th position within the Executive Search Category.
Criteria: client-orientation, excellent execution and product leadership.


Are you looking for a top-level executive or board member to refresh, change and reinforce your organisation? Call us at +31-20-6000 147 to discuss how our unorthodox approach can help find the right candidate for you.

Or visit us at our offices at Leeuwenveldseweg 5f, 1382 LV Weesp, The Netherlands.

From Schiphol Airport it takes only a 15 minute drive or a direct train to Weesp Station, adjacent to our offices. 

Alternatively, leave your information below and we will contact you:

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